Chris Strange

It doesn't matter if you are in the board room all dressed up in a suit and tie fresh off the rack from the Men's Warehouse or in the gym rockin' a sleevless shirt wearing Chuck Taylors, your success in either arena greatly depends on one thing…ATTITUDE! And I don't mean the type of attitude you get from your 10 year old daughter when she finds out the One Direction concert is sold out, I mean the "Don't F*** With Me, I Will Eat Your Face Off If You Get In My Way, Where'd I Park My Hummer" type ATTITUDE.

It doesn't care how big you are, how small you are, how much money you have, how hot your girl (or guy) is, your cash flow, what you drive, what you wear, if you CrossFit (yuck), if you yoga, or if you sit your booty on the couch all day and wonder what Bruce Jenner is going to say next to try and stay relevant…anyone can have an ATTITUDE. If you walk into the gym unsure or expecting to have a bad workout, well, you're probably going to have a bad workout. Same goes for the lifestyle change (I hate the word "diet"), if you go into it expecting to fail, well, then you're probably going to fail! A bad attitude is like a flat tire, if you don't change it you won't go anywhere. You may be able roll that car along on the rim but eventually that piece will fall off the axle and right into the first Dunkin Donut you see!

Whether I am training clients or helping Sailors in fitness, one of the first things I preach is mindset. You have to flip that switch in the brain from "Cant" to "Can" from "Won't" to "Will." Believing in yourself is the first step in building your BrickHouse. I know I know, easier said than done. However it makes it no less essential to your lifestyle change. It was essential in mine! In 2005 I looked in the mirror and was fed up with what I saw. I was muffin topping and it looked like I was packing away food in my cheeks for winter. I reflected on the health problems in my family, took a look at my kids, and decided to make a change. I committed myself to bettering my lifestyle. And it wasn't easy! I missed workouts, I ate cheeseburgers and cake (I actually used cake instead of bread for the cheeseburger but I will go into that more in the CheatMeal Blog), and I doubted me and my resolve a little. But I decided not to punish myself for my bad days and keep going, trust the process. And you know what, I started to see results! After every new forearm vein I saw and seeing my chubby cheeks go away, my self-efficacy grew and grew. My confidence started growing exponentially and pretty soon I had all kinds of people asking me how I did it!? I would tell them to eat this and not that, don't skip leg day, and drink plenty of water. But in the excitement of sharing what I learned from reading Mens Health, I would forget to mention ATTITUDE. Not anymore…

Your success and your failures as it pertains to fitness are yours and yours alone. No one will give you tear drop quads, arms big enough to hang a tire swing from, a slender waist, and lats that need a "wide load" sign attached to them. YOU will either EARN them or you won't. It all depends on YOUR effort. If you want to LOOK like a Bad MoFo, then you must ACT like a Bad MoFo. It all depends on your ATTITUDE! Your brand new body is waiting on you, go get it!

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