Drink Water!!!

Chris Strange

Good Evening All!

This is the first installment of our 8 part series titled "Why Am I So Chunky?!" Just kidding... I barely have enough forethought to put underwear on in the morning much less lay out an 8 part series on why fried chicken isn't good for you and muscleing your way to the front of the line at Rita's to get an Italian ice isn't cardio. However, we here BrickHouse would like to give a great big shout out to your friend and ours...(pause for effect)...WATER! You see, we've been asked on a few occasions for some diet advice. And before we ever get into the periodicity of the meals or why you need to up your lean protein, we ask one question..."How much water ya drankin'?" Hydration needs to be one of the first things you fix when embarking on the I Want To Look Good Naked train. Here is why:

1. Your body is made up of water and it needs it to live and function properly (duh). Blood moves through the body carrying nutrients to everything that needs it i.e. muscles, organs, skin, etc.. The more hydrated you are the less viscous the blood is allowing nutrients to move more efficiently to places it needs to go AT a lower blood pressure (BONUS).

2. The more water saturated you can get your muscles the better. Something fancy schmancy about the PH balance and Nitrogen levels essential for muscle growth (anabolic) and activation. This is why you see every meathead wanna-be bodybuilder (me included) carrying a gallon of DearPark around.

3. The more water in your belly, the more full you feel, the less you eat.

"But BrickHouse!!!??? If I drink a bunch of water wont I retain most of it and look like Oprah on a taco binge?" NOPE!! This is where you have to trust your body and believe it is smarter than you! Your body knows when its dehydrated. So the less water you drink the more your body will store because its not sure when its going to get more. Make sense? It does this with calories as well but thats a whooooole nuva PSA! When you are hydrated like you are supposed to be your body expels what it doesn't need bringing everything in perfect balance...NAMASTE (that checks, i think). The moral of the story is drink up! (at least a gallon a day) Your body and your fitness goals will thank you! But you are going to be peeing...a lot. And when i say "a lot" I mean you better save one of those gallon jugs as an emergency Porta-Potty!

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