Sara Quesinberry

My husband and I just moved to Japan, a transfer with the Navy. For months we have been very excited and patiently (at times) waiting for the big move to happen. For months we lived out of suitcases with friends and family. All during that time I kept telling myself that I was going to get my island body summer ready and hit the ground running once we landed in Okinawa. However, that did not turn out to be reality. My summer body still has not made an appearance and pretty sure I went several days without a single green veggie.

Once I dealt with the disappointment in myself and feelings of failure I realized that I needed a new attitude. Yes, the last 5 months had not been full of long workouts and clean eating, but what it had been full of was laughter with friends and long conversations with my mom (over a bottle of wine). Often we get so caught up in what we did wrong that we fail to see what we did right. Could I have done better? Sure. But I am not going to beat myself up over it. I spent precious time with people close to me before this big change in my life. My goals are still my goal, I just need a new approach and to realize that life got in the way the last 5 months but that does not mean I am doomed to fail.
Here I am in a beautiful place, surrounded by new experiences and every day is a new opportunity to be healthy and happy. I have completed workouts in the sunshine out doors and they have been AMAZING. I tried Stand Up Paddle boarding for the first time, and love it. I started buying food at a farmers market and eating things that I never would have thought I would (and watching my husband eat things I still never will eat!).

What I am getting at is this, life gets in the way of our goals at time. But instead of looking at the failure of a situation lets try and look at the successes. I am finding that it goes a long way towards happiness and overall success.

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