The Dreaded “C” Word… CELLULITE

Taryn Lowry

Ok girls... I can't be the only one with the dreaded "C" word as my biggest and most embarrassing struggle…CELLULITE!

I feel like we are almost scared to say the word and avoid it completely. We just hide it the best we can, but even us body builders have it. My first memory of seeing that I had cellulite was at the age of 8! Yes 8! And I was not a fat child by any means. But guess what? That is genetics! For years I have hated it most! When I got into fitness I was determined that I would prove genetics wrong and get rid of it and never see it again. I was wrong.

I feel like it has gotten better but I think it is still a lot worse than you would think. I feel like people who don't understand this world look at me and judge me because I’m in the gym everyday but still have cellulite. Every day I see girls who don’t work out at all or half ass it in the gym and with their diet and don’t have a trace of cellulite. Yet here I am putting in all this work and have it worse than the girls who don’t do a damn thing! WTF, right?? To this day I have tried to research and talk to people about what can really make this go away? And honestly I still don’t know.

I feel like over the years it will just get better. But I also have to remember I compete. My body goes through bulk and shred seasons to build muscle. My first shred season at 9% body fat I still had traces of cellulite but I did notice it was hardly anything to what it is when bulk season comes around. It is the first thing to come back and the last to leave. So I have realized that the lower my body fat is the less cellulite I have, but if I want to build muscle I must deal with some cellulite. I can’t be as lucky as some girls with "good genes". I always have to remember I have only been in the fitness world for a little over two years and I also have to remember my goals and NEVER SKIP LEG DAY! 🙂


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