Weight Goin’ Up on a Tuesday

Sara Byrd

I am at war with the scale, like most I obsess over the number that pops into the screen every morning and judge myself by it. I have a ritual about weigh-in and I am religious about it. Must be first thing in the morning, I make sure I have gone to the bathroom (you know what I mean), I make sure to be naked, (because my PJs might weight 3lbs - I don’t know) and it has to be on the same scale. I even travel with my scale.

I pull the scale away from the wall because I do not want to be so close that I lean on it funny, might skew the results, then I step, naked onto the scale and wait for the blue box to light up with a number. Usually at this point my anxiety is pretty high…

Time for the fun part – Number goes down and I am thrilled, do a little naked happy dance and high-five myself. If the number goes up…I get off and get back on. The scale MUST be lying. When the number is confirmed a variety of things can happen – tears, angry sobs, disbelief, and most of the time blaming/excuses. “Well I did have a glass of water at 2am when I woke up to pee”, “it’s that time of the month”, “I really should have done that extra 5 minutes of cardio”, “I told the waiter I needed low sodium soy sauce!” Whatever it ends up being that day, it ruins my morning.

Now here is what I have learned over time…you shouldn’t get on the scale every morning and it is impossible to gain 3lbs overnight. Remember these three things:

1)Fluctuations are normal
2)You might be Gaining Muscle
3)Weight does not tell the whole story

As it relates to item 3, focus on “non-scale” victories. Over the course of my last contest prep, I stayed the same weight for almost 2 months! However, I was down in my pant sizes and clothes were falling off of me. I started to see my abs (whoohoo) and was noticing muscle definition in places it was not there before. It was through these things that I was able to save my sanity. Trust me, I fully understand how upsetting and discouraging it is to be busting your booty in the gym, starving all the time, and seeing that dreaded number stay the same. You want to give up and swing by Little Caesar’s for a $5 Hot N Ready.

So here is the deal, start to measure yourself and take weekly photos. Nothing tells a better story than progress pictures. The iPhone even has a timer option now so you don’t have to stand in your undies in front of someone to get a good progress pic. Try to avoid the super cute mirror selfies where the angle is PERFECT and your waist is that of Barbie’s…it’s not helpful in the long run and these pics are just for you not Instagram.

One day at a time my friends, enjoy the journey.



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